Organizations today are creating leadership teams with fewer and fewer layers of management.  Individuals are increasingly being given more responsibility.  Decision-making occurs closer to the source of information, often without input from leaders on higher levels.

Team leaders, as these individuals are often called, are in difficult organizational positions.  Not completely in a leadership position, they still have responsibility for direct supervision, but often do not have the ability to employ or discharge employees.  Functioning as supervisors, yet not supervisors – team leaders need direct, hands-on training to equip them for this difficult role.

Tomorrow’s Leaders train individuals for leadership, for responsibility, and for decision-making.  This experiential learning opportunity builds on the fact that for learning to be sustained and a basis for leadership, it must be experienced, not just heard.  Participants are immersed in real-world situations they and their associates face each day.

Scenarios such as team meetings, employee situations, and conflicts in communication styles and needs, contribute to the reality of the simulation and the ongoing decision-making process.


  • First-line supervisors
  • Middle managers
  • Senior level managers


  • Building and developing communication skills
  • Building teams with employees and peers
  • Making decisions with limited information
  • Establishing priorities with limited resources
  • Resolving conflict situations