Leadership in Action challenges an individual for leadership, for responsibility, for taking risks, and for decision-making.  This experiential learning opportunity builds on the fact that for learning to be sustained and a basis for leadership, it must be experienced, not just heard.  Participants are immersed in real-world situations they and their associates face each day.

Scenarios such as team meetings, employee situations, conflicts in communication styles and needs, community obligations, and corporate requirements contribute to the reality of the simulation and the ongoing decision-making process.

Target Audience

  • First-line supervisors
  • Middle managers
  • Senior level managers


Day One

Experiential Learning thru Simulation
Communication skills
Team building


Day Two

Interactive Debriefing
Valuing diversity
Retaining talent to attain fulfillment
Taking responsibility
Multi-generational values and expectations
Conflict situations
Personal development

Course Highlights

Time constraints of making rapid-fire decisions

The creation of teams, with no background information of individuals nor any previous work history

Multiple, conflicting deadlines

Experience and assess individual readiness for a crisis situation

Projects and tasks requiring the same, limited resources

Expectations from corporate office that differ from local needs

Interaction with “employees” who present real-world situations and expect immediate solutions

The experience of a simulated union campaign, from the beginning of signing of cards to the receipt of an application to a final vote

The expectations of meeting business deadlines while struggling with the demands of a union campaign

Determining the appropriate means of getting information to employees, whether in a meeting format, face-to-face, or in written communication

Dealing with emotions in conflict situations

The opportunity to share information through the media

Individual and team feedback on personal skills and challenges, presented in a learning format

The opportunity for self-reflection –

  • Where do I need to make changes to make a better community
  • Where do I need to make changes to make a better organization
  • Where do I need to make changes to make me a better person?