How do you benefit by investing your training dollars with

  • It creates a safe training environment for your leaders to explore and identify their own leadership skills and challenges. As a result, a company is able to map skills and challenges inherent in their leaders and to create action plans that can be readily implemented.

  • A recent study found the estimated direct cost of absenteeism to business is 7.1 per cent of the payroll. These direct costs include lost productivity and the costs of moving other workers to replace those who are absent. Indirect costs of absenteeism are a decline in competitiveness in the workplace. For one client, absenteeism has decreased over 35% since managers have attended Leadership in Action.

  • The generational mix in the workplace is changing. For every two skilled managers over the age of 61 who leave employment, only one inexperienced worker is available to replace them. The opportunity for progressive training is a key reason cited by many “older” workers as a reason for staying with a particular company, while younger workers see it as a perk of employment.


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