The Leadership Action Centre was created to meet the demand for quality, experiential learning. Today’s organizations are facing challenges unlike any ever seen before. With the rapid exodus of experienced leaders from the workforce during the turbulent recent months, companies are left with younger, less experienced managers who have little experience on which to draw in making decisions.

In addition, today’s managers have an expectation for their organizations to invest money in their own career development. In other words, they desire training to enable them to be prepared for other positions within the organization. Most managers desire to perform to the best of their ability within their organizations, but need the continuing training in order to do so.

We also realize that training budgets are limited as never before. Training must not be something to cross off on a yearly performance appraisal as having been accomplished, but must meet specific competencies for individual development. Experiential learning through the Centre focuses on the following competency areas:

CUSTOMER FOCUS (INTERNAL AND EXTERNAL – Being the chosen resource for internal and external customers

BUSINESS STRATEGY AND ADAPTABILITY – Responding quickly to today’s changing demands

ATTRACTING AND DEVELOPING TALENT – Keeping your high potential employees and becoming the workplace of choice

INTEGRITY – Promoting high standards of personal integrity and company core values

EXECUTION AND IMPLEMENTATION – Taking clear and decisive action in high stakes situations, crises, and conditions of uncertainty.

Let us be a part of your organization’s ongoing mission for leadership development.